Toilet sensors warn of overflows, leaks

Flooding Sensors toilet bowl overflow detector
Flooding Sensors has introduced two battery-powered, patented sensing devices that prevent toilet bowl overflows as well as leaks within the bowl. (Flooding Sensors)

The issues of toilet bowl overflows and leaks have plagued homeowners for years. Recent startup company Flooding Sensors has introduced two patented sensing devices that prevent toilet bowl overflows as well as leaks within the bowl. Both products are designed to be user-friendly so that each can be quickly added to any toilet with a tank, even by those limited mechanical skills.

The Valvin V100B toilet bowl detector (photo) detects a potential bowl overflow and sends a message to a valve that shuts off the water supply to the toilet, thus preventing an overflow. The Valvin V100L leak detector detects leaks within the toilet tank resulting from a running toilet or a leaking flapper or fill valve, and likewise shuts off the water flow.

"The Valvin B and L will have an immediate positive impact on the world's environment in saving every drop of water possible and by stopping horrific damage, costs and injuries caused by toilet bowl overflows, as well as leaky toilets," said Larry Herring, CEO at Flooding Sensors, in a statement.

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The devices are designed to prevent floods and the damage and downtime associated with cleaning the bathrooms afterwards, as well as save money in water bills. Both the Valvin V100B toilet bowl overflow detector and V100L leak detector work with any tank-style toilet and are powered by a 9-V battery.


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