Leak Sensor Goes Wireless

Leak Sensor Goes Wireless
Wireless Sensors LLC

The LEAK-1022-N Smart Leak Detector is a wireless water leak detection sensor that integrates with the SensiNetfamily of environmental monitors. It provides continuous monitoring for leaks via a conductive cable sensor manufactured by RLE Technologies with SensiNetwireless. The system will provide an immediate alert for water detected anywhere along the cable and also monitors the status of the cable and will alert on cable failure for maximum reliability. The system is line powered. Mesh networking provides multiple acknowledged and error checked communication paths, ensuring the message always gets through while spread spectrum, frequency hopping radio technology eliminates interference effects. The network is also self healing and able to recover from interruptions by seeking alternate paths. For a datasheet, go to http://www.wirelesssensors.com/images/pdfs/LEAK-1022N.pdf  

Wireless Sensors LLC
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