Prototyping with Purpose

Design and Prototyping are an integral part of the innovation to productization process. Not only does it allow you to test your assumptions, it helps validate new ideas and make appropriate refinements to your design quickly and cheaply. Delve into the design process of establishing Proof of Concept in greater detail.

In this issue:

From Idea to Prototype – The purpose of prototyping is to answer the question of “Are you building the right thing?” Sal Amarasinghe examines why this question is important and how to answer it.

Inside the Proof of Concept – Andy Stanford Clark of IBM discusses what the Proof of Concept stage of prototyping is and its affects on the rest of the prototyping process.

Tools for Hardware Development – A high level overview of the resources that are necessary to build and test prototypes.

Designing, Producing, and Testing PCBs – Michael Parks of Green Shoe Garage goes over making printed circuit boards, schematics, PCB layouts, auto-routing, and finally best practices and the testing phase.

Developing Embedded Software – Your wonderful prototype is nothing without the code it runs on. Akash Gujarati goes step by step through the embedded software development process

The Art of Putting It All Together – Mike Reed at HAX Accelerator walks through taking all the results of the previously discussed steps in prototyping process and putting them together in a looks-like and works-like prototype that starts to answer the questions inherent to customer satisfaction.

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