Massa Products Corporation Redefining What’s Possible for 75 years!

In today’s world, so many things seem to be uncertain. Selecting a sensor that’s ideal for your situation is something you should be able to choose with confidence. Electroacoustics (wired & wireless) are a competitive technology unhindered by lighting/visibility, which makes them ideal for IoT. Whether your project is standard or new – if you need a sensor that is robust, reliable, and surpasses your expectations, you need to talk to Massa. 

This company steadily increases its capabilities.

Even now during COVID-19 Massa remains open as an essential U.S. Manufacturing & Engineering firm and Government Contractor. Massa is a privately held American Family Business, so that says quality!  All products are made in the U.S.A. and bear the family & company name – Massa.

The Dawn of an Industry

In 1945 Massa was founded by Industry Pioneer, Frank Massa. Frank and his colleagues were the first in the late 20s and early 30s to ever take engineering principals and apply them to sound. This resulted in the first-ever textbook, Applied Acoustics, 1934 (Massa & Olson). Frank’s work as a leading electroacoustic engineer revolutionized life as we know it – it’s why we have sound in movies, why we have quality sound recordings in music and broadcasting, and it’s why we have advanced military sonars. After Frank redesigned and put into production tens-of-thousands of newly designed sonar transducers used in WWII, he decided to go into business on his own. In 1945, Frank Massa founded Massa on the values and principles that he learned important for quality.

Ultrasonic and SONAR Industry Firsts Created and Produced by Massa

In Massa’s history, the company continued to defy the beliefs of what was possible with the technology and product development in electroacoustic – Sonar & Ultrasonics.  In the late 40s Massa created the first lines of ultrasonic accelerometers, and ultrasonic microphones – these became the industry standards. Massa created the first commercial oceanographic sonars. In the 60s Massa out preformed a larger company in being able to successfully design and build the world’s largest-ever Sonar transducers deployed on the U.S. Mission Capistrano for Project Artemis, which attracted the attention of TIME magazine.  In the 70s and 80s, Don Massa (Frank’s son trained by Frank) rose to a leadership position in the company. Together they produced hundreds-of-thousands of transducers and systems for use in level detection, distance measurements, mapping, and more.

Massa’s engineering innovations continued in line with advancing the field of electroacoustics. Some of Don’s designs resulted in the first false-alarm-proof ultrasonic intrusion alarms and the world’s first automatic bowling scoring systems that Massa produced for AMF. Massa in the 80s also created a portable sonar system used to record whale songs and study the migration, mating, and feeding of Humpback whales – this collaboration with Harold “Doc” Edgerton and the University of Hawaii also resulted in the world’s first study using sonar to understand whales, and to understand how whales respond to sonar. Massa found themselves again in TIME Magazine for “the coolest invention of 2003,” their Biomimetic Lobster Robot could walk and swim, and used sonar for navigation, and detect & destroy shallow-water mines.

Right Here, Right Now – The Future Resides in MassaSonic®

Today the company is lead by father-daughter team Don Massa, President & CTO; and Dawn F. Massa Stancavish, Chief Innovation Officer & COO. The MassaSonic® brand is known for the best measurements for distance, liquid level, collision avoidance. The company is a preferred developer and supplier for the U.S. Navy, and has a strong reputation as being a highly trusted Innovative Commercial Partner. 

Each generation at Massa, through love, has added a piece of themselves to the business. Dawn’s strength is in understanding applications and technology – this has resulted in amazing new product developments, and many new more customer-focused user-friendly modifications, and exciting partnerships with customers that are resulting in new to the world co-branded products that are going where electroacoustics have never gone before! MassaSonic technology and products are capable of going where other technologies cannot – and they continue to redefine where and how ultrasonics and sonars can be used to achieve the end user’s goals. 

Massa has the experts on hand who’s technical training and company philosophy can be directly traced to the founder of the field. Massa as a family-run company maintains a founder’s mentality and makes decisions for the business that is in line with such values – this is evident in the outstanding products, customer service, and longevity of employees. The company holds over 165 U.S. Patents and continues to add to that number.

Whether it’s an IoT application, a measurement application, or something completely different – Massa is the company that can harness the science of sound to achieve desired results. As a family company who’s focus is in sound – when you talk to Massa – they will hear you!



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