GAM Sensor gives you the best IoT solution

GAM Sensor has been developed to meet needs for portable, wearable and IoT environments. GAM Sensor will be the best solution for home automation, security, consumer electronics, automotive, fire monitoring, and industrial temperature and gas leak monitoring.

TED110 is a MEMS type oxide semiconductor gas sensor, which has high sensitivity detecting various VOCs(volatile organic compounds) such as ethanol, methane, carbon monoxide, toluene, and etc. TED 110 does not require any calibration and is a ready-to-use gas sensor; its smallest SMP packaging size in the world (3x3x1 mm) contains a ROIC(readout IC, I2C digital output) with ambient temperature compensation and gas calibration. TED110 is cost-efficient and energy-efficient: it does not require a measuring circuit, and promptly responds to and consumes 15mW or less in consecutive motions. Additionally, a user can select a specific type of gas to be detected, at by adjusting the TED 110’s PWM (pulse width modulation).

AIR111 is a thermopile infrared sensor consisting of nano-thermoelements. Despite its smallest SMP package size in the world (2.3x3.4x1.2mm), it is the best sensor for motion monitoring and noncontact-type temperature measurement due to its high sensitivity and ROIC with ambient temperature compensation

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