Ultrasonic Level/Distance Sensor Is Versatile, Flexible & Tough

Senix describes its ToughSonic 12 ultrasonic level and distance sensor as one of the most versatile and flexible sensors of its kind available. It features over 60 built-in parameters that can be changed to suit most application requirements.

The ToughSonic 12 is a rugged, compact ultrasonic sensor with heavy duty electronics epoxy potted into type 316 stainless steel housings, permanently attached cables, and ruggedized piezoelectric transducers. It comes with SenixVIEW software that runs on a Windows PC and connects to sensors via a serial data port. Setup Kits provide everything needed to connect through a USB port, including power supply, sensor-PC interface and cables. For greater knowledge and illumination, a ToughSonic 12 datasheet awaits as well as a ToughSonic 12 user manual. Also, for more details, call visit Senix Corporation and/or call them at 802-489-7300.

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