SmartSens, MEMS Drive to pair on image stabilization technology

SmartSens image stabilization technology
Through a collaboration with MEMS Drive, SmartSens will add chip-level anti-vibration technology directly into CMOS image sensors for non-mobile applications such as security and machine vision. (SmartSens)

Image stabilization is most often associated with cameras, but the technology has taken on added importance with the growth of applications such as security monitoring, AI machine vision, and autonomous vehicles. To that end, SmartSens, a supplier of high-performance CMOS imaging systems, has signed an agreement with MEMS Drive to collaborate on developing a CMOS image sensing chip and chip-level optical image stabilization (OIS) technologies.

MEMS Drive provides MEMS image stabilization technologies. Through this collaboration, SmartSens introduces chip-level anti-vibration technology directly into CMOS image sensors, made available in non-mobile applications, such as security and machine vision. This image stabilization technology has previously only been available in high-end DSLR cameras. Compared with conventional OIS technology, sensors with chip-level stabilization offer higher simplicity in engineering, without losing any of the robust capabilities unique to OIS in traditional VCMs (voice coil motors).

These sensors will also feature added stabilization control to the rotation of the sensor, achieving optimal stabilization with no less than five axes. For applications in AI-enabled systems, which often require high dynamic range (HDR) imaging, high frame rate video capture, or sensing in ultra-low light conditions, SmartSens will provide efficient stabilization.

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Under the partnership, both companies will delve even deeper into the immense potential of chip-level stabilization technology beyond the field of DSLR cameras, relying on the developmental, innovative, and consumer-oriented advantages.

SmartSens CMO Chris Yiu said in a statement, "Optical image stabilizing technology is one of the hottest areas of research and development in the fields of DSLR and mobile cameras, and is unprecedented in non-mobile applications such as AI video capturing. SmartSens's collaboration with MEMS Drive in the area of non-mobile image stabilization opens up new possibilities in this field. SmartSens and MEMS Drive are both companies that rely on innovation to drive growth, and we are very pleased to use this partnership to bring forth further innovation in the field of image sensing technology."

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