Shimmer Research wins Best of Sensors 2020 Award for its Verisense wearable sensor

Hero image for Best of Sensors Awards 2020
Shimmer Research took home the win for Most Innovative Product in the Wearables category of The Best of Sensors Awards 2020, which honors winners in 11 product categories.(Questex)

Shimmer Research Ltd was named the winner of the most innovative product in the Wearables category of the Best of Sensors Awards 2020 for its Verisense wearable sensor. Entries were judged and winners selected on the basis of value to the marketplace, uniqueness of the design, and the impact (i.e., the “bigness” of the problems solved or issues addressed).

Headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, and with a location in Boston, USA, Shimmer is a leading provider of wearable wireless sensor products and solutions. Shimmer is a privately held company that manufactures all of its products in partnership with its sister company, Realtime Technologies, in its Dublin facility, which is accredited to the quality management standard ISO 9001 and the medical device standard ISO 13485.

Shimmer offers wearable wireless sensing technology, solutions, and consultancy services to the research and education, enterprise, and end user markets. Shipping to over 70 countries worldwide, Shimmer’s technology and solutions are utilized by the brightest start-ups, Fortune 500 companies, and the world’s leading universities.

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As a pioneer in the industry, Shimmer is committed to pushing the boundaries and driving the future development of wearable wireless sensing through its personnel and world-class engineering team.

Verisense by Shimmer is a new wearable sensor designed specifically for use in clinical trials. Unlike other sensing platforms, Verisense has been designed from the ground up to meet the specialized demands of clinical trials. It allows for continuous remote monitoring of participants’ activity and sleep, with minimum burden on both the participant and the site. It includes a clinical trial management platform with full integration options for sponsors, thereby allowing them to seamlessly manage their participant data. 

Verisense is a new wearable sensor designed specifically for use in clinical trials (Image source: Shimmer)

Verisense outputs raw data, as well as providing peer reviewed algorithms for activity and sleep. It has maximum data reliability utilizing data quality assurance tools. Additionally, Shimmer can work with its customers to integrate its software into the customers’ current EDC (electronic data capture) or clinical trial management platforms.

Through a number of strategic partnerships, Shimmer is able to offer its clinical research customers access to data sets and algorithms that can be used to develop endpoints for a wide variety of disease states.

“While COVID-19 has driven several pharmaceutical companies to rapidly develop drugs to prevent it, the virus has impacted and interrupted clinical trials for other important drugs. For these other clinical trials, where a wearable collects clinical grade raw data, participants typically had to visit a clinic biweekly or monthly so the data could be collected from their monitoring device, its memory could be reset, and its battery recharged. Specifically built for the use of wearables in clinical trials, Shimmer’s Verisense platform is a wearable sensor designed to automatically upload data via cellular or WiFi on a daily basis. Worn on the wrist, the sensor captures continuous digital biomarkers remotely and has the ability to provide clinically validated data for up to six months, continuously. This allows restarting or initiating new clinical trials in a safe, seamless manner while ensuring required compliance.” said Judge Randy Frank, President Randy Frank & Associates.

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