Sensors Expo & Conference 2019: Novel System Guides Drones

Olea Sensor Networks introduces its OleaVision360, a patent-pending guidance system for use on drones and other autonomous applications. The system relies on a unique sensor that can continuously scan the drone's surroundings and the terrain below. Via one ultra-light weight sensor housed in a 100-mm (4-inch square) device, the system provides reliable situational awareness with a hemispherical field of view (front, back, sides, below and/or above) without the use of rotors or beam-forming technologies.

The single, low-cost obstacle avoidance sensor allows the drone to fly around obstacles in front or behind it with 1-cm accuracy and a detection range of 20m (65 feet). Via the company’s proprietary Life Presence Detection technology, OleaVision360 can discriminate between animated versus in-animate objects.

When used for guidance systems, OleaVision360 technology provides a substantial advancement in capability for autonomous applications in flight, robotic, industrial and automotive applications. OleaVision360 and all Olea Sensor Networks technologies will be on display at Sensor Expo 2019, June 26 and 27 in San Jose, CA. Visit Booth #435 or contact [email protected] for more information.

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