Sensor evaluation kit eases development of smart devices

The variety of smart home devices is growing rapidly
IR Sensor Demo Kit helps developers evaluate sensors for smart homes (Pixabay)
Sensor has Smart Home applications
Excelitas' IR Sensor Demo Kit

Sensors are playing a key role in the development of next-generation consumer, IoT, and smart home products. But which sensor is the right one to choose? Excelitas Technologies has announced its IR Sensor Demo Kit, which enables developers to evaluate infrared temperature, motion and presence detectors. The kit’s universal board easily connects a wide range of Excelitas IR sensors to developer PCs via a USB interface to enable quick, reliable testing for OEMs looking to integrate sensors into their products.

The kit supports both thermopile and pyroelectric sensors and includes an interface board, sensor adapters and software. The developer can access all basic parameters in the accompanied Windows software to evaluate different types of sensors. Suitable adapter boards either feature sensor-specific sockets or, in the case of SMD products, are supplied with sensors soldered onto the board.

To speed development of CaliPile applications, Excelitas also offers simplified evaluation software specifically for this sensor family, in addition to the multi-sensor demo kit software.

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