Powermat wins Best of Sensors 2022 for its PMT 100 Wireless Power Solution

Powermat Technologies Ltd. Won Best of Sensors 2022 for its Powermat PMT 100 Wireless Power Solution at the Sensors Converge 2022 Conference and Expo in June. These award finalists, chosen by a panel of industry experts, represent the most innovative people, companies, and products among 14 distinct categories.

The Powermat PMT 100 Wireless Power Solution is a compact powering device that allows medical devices to achieve a 100% wireless lifecycle.

The device provides up to 40W of power at up to 15mm distance (coil to coil) with up to 15mm of lateral misalignment. The device comes without a microcontroller unit (MCU) on the receiving end, which makes the device much more cost-effective than similar power solutions. Still, the Powermat PMT 100 can be tailored to fit almost any product requirements.

The Powermat PMT 100 is suitable for medical devices with features such as the advanced battery charging algorithm — preserving device battery life — and the ability to optimize power transfer efficiency in low-power mode.

It offers a power solution to combine flexibility, safety, and cost-efficiency and enable 100% wireless life for medical devices and other portable equipment. Powermat said it can be used in almost any portable device application, including industrial Internet of Things (IoT) and wearables.


At the heart of the Powermat PMT 100 is the patented Powermat SmartInductive™ Technology. Unlike traditional wireless charging technologies, SmartInductive™ combines inductive wireless charging as well as resonance, which allows devices to be charged up to 50cm away. In addition, SmartInductive™ includes data transfer capabilities, providing options for connectivity, data, and management features. This makes the technology suitable for Qi-certified charging solutions for applications beyond the medical industry, such as automotive and industrial IoT.

The Powermat PMT 100 is part of a family of wireless charging solutions that can fit any powering needs. While the PMT 100 offers 40W charging capabilities with up to 30V, 2A input, the PMT 200 accepts up to 3A current, and the PMT 250 provides up to 150W input/output at up to 6A current. The entire Powermat PMT product line was developed with one main purpose: to allow devices of any size to live truly wirelessly, that is, without the need to ever connect to a physical cable for charging or data transfer — an especially groundbreaking step in the world of medical devices and implants.

Powermat Technologies Ltd. was founded in 2006 with a vision to take the world one step closer to a 100% wireless future, where people and machines enjoy 100% freedom from traditional wall-tethered power transfer methods. The company has achieved this through products such as the Powermat PMT 100 Wireless Power Solution, which provides a unique hybrid approach by combining magnetic induction and resonance technologies. The result is more power, more freedom, and more connectivity.

The Powermat Technologies team, which comprises expert engineers headed by CEO Elad Dubzinski, works with market leaders around the world, including General Motors, Samsung, and Pivotal Commware.

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