Nvidia pushes multiverse to industrial apps with open USD

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang announced a multi-year roadmap at SIGGRAPH on Tuesday to take Universal Scene Description to industrial metaverse applications in architecture, engineering, manufacturing and robotics.

Nvidia will work with the inventor of open source USD, Pixar, as well as Adobe, Autodesk, Siemens and others to give 3D artists and developers the ability to work collaboratively on virtual worlds, said Rev Lebaredian, vice president of Omniverse at Nvidia.

The company is providing international character support and support for geospatial coordinates, along with real-time streaming of IoT data. Nvidia will also develop an open USD compatibility test and certification suite so developers can freely test their USD builds.

Volvo Cars joins other companies in using USD and praised the ability to move assets from virtual world to virtual world in 3D consumer applications.

Nvidia also announced Omniverse Avatar Cloud Engine, a suite of AI models and services that is built atop Nvidia’s Unified Compute Framework.  Two apps built on ACE are Project Maxine and Project Tokkio.  Tokkio enables interactive avatars to see, perceive and converse intelligently, Nvidia said.

New tools for Nvidia Omniverse include updates to PhysX, Audio2Face and Machinima. The latter is an app for building 3D cinematics and films.

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