Nvidia and Rescale unite HPC and AI for engineering tasks in the cloud

Rescale, a San Francisco-based cloud-based platform provider for R&D and computational engineering, announced it joined forces with Nvidia to use its AI enterprise software in Rescale’s high performance computing-as-a-service platform run globally in the cloud.

Ideally, the integration will further advance simulations with AI and machine learning to help companies commercialize products faster and at lower cost.

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang said Nvidia’s AI computing platform “perfectly complements Rescale to advance industrial scientific computing.” Both Huang and Rescale CEO Joris Poort discussed the partnership in a Big Compute keynote on Wednesday.

Computational engineering is used in the aerospace and automotive industries to provide broad design for space exploration and to develop future vehicle product design. Rescale automatically runs computational engineering and AI workloads with its Compute Recommendation Engine in a global multicloud infrastructure.

Companies such as Electrolux, Denso, Samsung and Virgin Orbit are gaining benefits from Rescale’s cloud platform rather than having to engineer and build their own supercomputers.

“We’ve helped customers speed discoveries and save costs with Nvidia-accelerated HPC,” Poort said.  By adding Nvidia AI Enterprise to Rescale, the most advanced computing will be paired with the best of AI so R&D managers “can run on any cloud of their choice.”

Rescale’s Compute Recommendation Engine has already helped customers see a  5X reduction in costs over conventional methods, Poort said in his keynote.

Rescale now offers Nvidia Modulus, a framework for making physics machine learning neural network models, enabling near real-time simulations.  Nvidia said with just a few clicks in the Rescale platform, Modulus allows customers to run their entire AI simulation workflow.

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