New Samsung camera sensor shrinks the pixels

Samsung shrinks pixels in new camera sensors
Samsung's latest smartphone image sensor has 0.7-micron pixels, claimed to be the smallest in the industry. (Amelia Holowaty Krales, The Verge)

According to an the article on the site of The Verge, Samsung has announced a new image sensor for smartphones claiming to be the “smallest pixel size in the industry.” The ISOCELL Slim GH1 is a 43.7-megapixel (7,968×5,480) sensor with 0.7-μm pixels.

The article noted that Samsung previously introduced 0.8-μm pixels on its 48- and now 64-megapixel sensors, which Chinese smartphone makers have designed into their products this year. Samsung is quoted as saying the new sensor is intended for slim full display devices.

The new high-resolution phone sensors combine four pixels together in low light situations to produce a 10.9-megapixel image with the light sensitivity of 1.4-μm pixels, which is reasonably large by smartphone standards, according to the article.

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Samsung said in the article it expects the ISOCELL Slim GH1 to go into mass production by the end of 2019, with design-in into phones in early 2020.