Liquid Flow Sensor Optimizes Cost:Performance Ratio

Sensirion’s SLF3x liquid flow sensor boasts a radically optimized mechanical design, based on the company’s CMOSens technology. It is said to optimize costs by simplifying the design without sacrificing performance or having to forgo any user-friendly fluidic, electrical and mechanical connections.

The sensor allows for bidirectional measurement of flow rates up to 40 ml/min for both water and hydrocarbon-based fluids. With a turndown ratio of 200:1, it allows real-time monitoring of any fluidic system. The straight, unobstructed flow channel has no moving parts and is made from inert wetted materials providing reliable chemical resistance and media compatibility.

The SLF3x is calibrated for water and IPA up to ±40 ml /min and response time is below 20 ms. For more details, peruse the product page and the datasheet.

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