LiDAR System Raises Safety-Performance Bars

Innovusion’s Cheetah hybrid solid-state LiDAR system is based on a proprietary rotating polygon optical architecture. According to the company, the system has no equal in the long-distance, high-resolution LiDAR vehicle mobility system industry.

Cheetah specifies a detection range of 200 meters on objects with 10% reflectivity and can detect objects out to 280 meters. The system achieves picture-like imaging due to a high number of vertical and horizontal scanning lines covering the entire field of view.   Every object is represented by a dense point cloud, providing the ability to not miss important objects in the field of view.  The system’s point cloud is suitable for fusing with camera data on the pixel level.  

Other specifications include a screen resolution of 300 vertical pixels while simultaneously maintaining a frame rate of 10 Hz, a 0.13° resolution over its 40° vertical FOV, and a 0.14° resolution over its 100° horizontal FOV. Power wise, Cheetah draws under 40W.

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The Cheetah LiDAR platform is also both miniature and robust with the sensor head dimension measuring 112 mm x 145 mm x 105 mm.  Single unit price is $35,000 for small quantities. For deeper details and knowledge, visit Innovusion.


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