Lidar solutions supplier partners with NYC security company

Cepton Technologies
Cepton Technologies, Inc. will market its 3D lidar solutions through ThinkReps, a physical security manufacturer's representative. (Cepton Technologies)

Cepton Technologies, Inc., a provider of 3D lidar solutions for automotive, transport infrastructure, IoT, security, mapping and industrial applications, has announced a partnership with ThinkReps, a physical security manufacturers' representative located in New York City.

Under the strategic collaboration, Cepton’s sales and marketing efforts will be supported by ThinkReps’ tri-state area team to drive sales of Cepton’s Smart Lidar solutions for the physical security, smart cities and IoT industries. ThinkReps’ security partners will have the opportunity to integrate Cepton’s advanced lidar technology into various security solutions.

Cepton’s Micro Motion Technology (MMT) platform enables advanced 3D perception in a rugged design. The technology eliminates any frictional elements of its mechanical motion, so the sensors last longer and are more reliable. Physical security companies can easily integrate Cepton’s sensors into physical sensing security systems to increase accuracy of detection, tracking and classification of objects. Due to its high resolution, high tolerance to electromagnetic interference and adaptivity to various environments, lidar can complement other sensing technologies to optimize security solutions for parameter monitoring, access control, footfall tracking, behavior surveillance and so forth.

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“We are excited to leverage ThinkReps’ 40 years of expertise to bring Cepton’s unique lidar solutions to the Northeastern region of the U.S.,” said William Muller, Cepton’s Director of Business Development,” in a statement. “Our partnership will continue our goal to revolutionize the security industry through a wealth of advanced lidar applications, fostering safer and more connected smart cities.”

“This partnership aligns with our mission to help technology companies with cutting-edge and innovative products grow their business and achieve their sales goals,” said Adam Messina, ThinkReps’ President, in a statement.  

Cepton recently unveiled its perception software evaluation kit for Vista-Edge, a smart lidar sensor that combines lidar’s unrivaled scanning capability with the power of edge computing. This combination enables immediate perception of point cloud data and aims at maximum simplicity of integration. 


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