Level switch works regardless of media

Baumer CleverLevel PL20
Baumer's CleverLevel PL20 level switches ensure easy and universal point level detection, regardless of the type of medium being measured. (Baumer)

A new range of level switches from Baumer Ltd. ensures easy and universal point level detection, regardless of the type of medium being measured. Designated the CleverLevel PL20, the level switches utilize frequency sweep technology to provide reliable limit detection without the need for parameterization to a specific medium, regardless of whether the process medium is liquid, paste-like, sticky, or granular.

According to the company, the switches are ideal for industrial and hygienic applications as they also distinguish foam and liquid as well as detecting separating layers. Their ability to adaptively adjust to different process mediums saves set-up time, helps to maintain high levels of process safety, and provides an effective solution for process media detection in pipes, reliable overfill protection of tanks, and general leakage detection.

Baumer also noted the sensors are an alternative to vibrating forks, as even adherence of pasty materials does not affect their performance. With adhesive materials, they continue to automatically adjust the switching level without the need for parameterization.

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Other features include a 360º LED switching state indicator which provides information about the state of the process at all times. The compact design, minimal installation depth of 15 mm, and self-draining sensor tip, compared to a vibrating fork, simplifies installation, ensures minimal invasion in the process and helps with cleaning.

The level switch is approved to both 3A and EHEDG standards and can be configured visually and easily via the dedicated software and the company’s FlexProgrammer.

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