Hydrogen Sensors Meet H2 Energy Requirement

According to Electro Optical Components, hydrogen (H2) is becoming an important alternative and clean energy source. As H2 will be used more in future, the hydrogen infrastructure will need reliable hydrogen sensors to monitor hydrogen for safety during the production, storage and transportation of Hydrogen. 

Electro Optical Components offers high reliability NDIR H2 gas sensor modules. Features include

  • No interference by other gas, only responds to hydrogen.
  • No oxygen required. 
  • Reliable operation in harsh environments and sealed systems.
  • Lifespan of 10 years.
  • An accuracy of ±0.5% ~ ±5% F.S
  • Working temperature -20°C to +100°C.
  • Humidity up to 95% RH.

For more details, checkout the company’s gas-sensor modules, call 855-362-6300 or 707-568-1642, and/or email [email protected].              

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