Fisker Project Ronin GT sports car trades tech and style

Automaker Fisker unveiled a teaser image of an electric GT sports car called Ronin coming in 2024 that will integrate the battery pack inside the vehicle’s structure, among other unusual features.

CEO Henrik Fisker clearly understands the value of interspersing sexy designs with high tech, building on his past with stunning styling in the BMW Z8, Karma and Aston Martin vehicles. 

However, in an official statement issued Wednesday, he focused on technology priorities such as building an EV with long range. “The aim is to achieve the world’s longest range for a production EV, combined with extremely high levels of performance,” he said.  Long range might mean 350 miles or much more on a single charge.

“Project Ronin will be a showcase for our internal engineering, powertrain and software capabilities,” he added.

Yet the choice of the name “Ronin” comes from the film of the same title, with thrilling car chases.  In a statement, the company said that development of the Ronin concept started last year “with the goal of creating a futuristic Grand Touring sport car suitable for long road trips while carrying four adults and their luggage.”

In other words, imagine a family trip filled with some tame roller coaster driving all while saving the planet.

Fisker didn’t specifically say how the innovative battery design will integrate the battery pack into the car’s structure, but presumably this means creating a battery that can go beyond today’s approach of a battery chassis that is flat and rectangular underneath the body of a vehicle. 

Fisker engineers are working to use advanced materials that are lightweight to “focus on vehicle range, performance and the overall driving experience.” Also, the GT will have “unique” doors for better access and a “luxurious, sustainable vegan interior” as well, the company promises.

While Fisker’s goals are shared by many other carmakers, Henrik Fisker and team will bring some of the Hollywood flavor to the project that experienced, older and far larger car companies lack. It will be only the third design from Fisker after its Fisker Ocean SUV and Fisker Pear, which still are not released.

Fisker Ocean has more than 40,000 reservations and is expected to roll out in November.The full reveal of Project Ronin is set for August 2023, with a production start in the second half of 2024.

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