Best in Sensors Awards 2020 finalists announced

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The Best in Sensors Awards consists of 11 categories for Most Innovative Product, with new categories for COVID-19 technologies and AI added in 2020.(Fierce Electronics)

With the explosive rise in IoT and connected devices, as well as the push forward in artificial intelligence, autonomous technologies, and edge computing there is an increasing need for sensors of all types with more capabilities, greater range and performance, and lower cost.

This year’s lineup of finalists for the Best of Sensors: Most Innovative Products showcases the impressive advancements in sensors technology across a diversity of applications.

Judges for this year’s competition were Sensors Expo Advisory Board Members Roger Grace and Randy Frank and FierceElectronics editors Matt Hamblen and Karen Field.

This year’s awards competition consists of 11 categories for Most Innovative Product, with new categories for COVID-19 technologies and AI added in 2020. Entries were judged on the basis:

  • Value to the marketplace
  • Impact: The “bigness” of the problems it solves or issues it addresses
  • Uniqueness of the design

 “The judges were impressed by the high quality of the entries this year, which I think is a reflection of the rapid rate of innovation that is happening in the sensor ecosystem today,” said Karen Field. “Choosing one or two to be finalists from each category out of so many great entries was a difficult task.”

Below is the complete list of finalists. Winners will be announced at the Best of Sensors Awards ceremony on November 16, 2020 during the digital event Sensors Innovation Week.

AI/Machine Learning                                                             

Maxim Integrated - MAX78000 Neural Network Accelerator Chip                                                          

On Semiconductor - AR0234CS Vision Sensor                                                       


Wells Vehicle Electronics - Rotary Position Sensor                  

Algolux - Eos Embedded Perception Software                                                 

COVID-19 Technologies                                                                     

TDK InvenSense -    Ultrasonic Social Distancing Reference Design Dev Kit                                                      

Infineon Technologies Americas Corp. - XENSIVTM PAS CO2 Environmental Sensor                                                  

Data Acquisition & Analytics                                                             

IFOS Inc.   -   I*Sense distributed fiber-optic sensing interrogators                                                   

TDK InvenSense - SmartBug compact, wireless multi-sensor solution                                                     

Industrial IoT                                                              

Applied Physics Systems - ACCEL Model 40 Nanoacc accelerometer   

LG Uplus - Underground antenna and Excavation sensing device                                                         


Texas Instruments - TMCS1100 and TMCS1101 zero-drift Hall-effect current sensors                                                    

STMicroelectronicsISM330DHCX Inertial module with machine learning core & finite state machine for industrial applications                                                   


TDK InvenSense - TDK ICS‐40800 directional MEMS microphone                                               

PIera Systems - Piera-1 Photon counting intelligent particle sensor for accurate air quality monitoring                                                         


Fujitsu Components America- 24GHz Doppler Radar sensor module                                                           

Sensirion - Mass flow meter SFM3019                                                   

ams AG  -  AS7038RB vital sign sensor                                                   


Menlo Micro - The Ideal Switch                                                        

Infineon Technologies Americas Corp. - XENSIVTM PAS CO2 environmental sensor                                                  

Mobile Devices                                                                      

SWIR Vision Systems Inc. - Acuros CQD SWIR (short wave IR) sensor                                                      

ams AG - TMD3719 ALS/Color, Proximity and Flicker Sensor                                                  


Shimmer Research Ltd - Verisense wearable sensing platform                                                     

TracPatch - TracPatch SpineTM surface sensor system       

Editor’s Note: The winners of the Best of Sensors 2020 Most Innovative Products as well as Startup of the Year and Woman in Sensors of the Year will be announced at 3:50 pm Eastern on November 16,  2020 at a special awards ceremony taking place during Sensors Innovation Week, November 16-18, 2020. This digital event series is packed with tech talks, keynotes, and panel discussions on a wide range of key sensor topics, from IoT & Wireless to Industrial and Smart Sensors.. For more information and to register for your free pass click here.