ADI, Bay Area startup team on nanosensors for disease detection

Analog Devices and startup Pinpoint Science are teaming to advance the development and manufacture of novel nanosensor diagnostics to improve detection of infectious diseases such as coronavirus. (Pixabay)

Analog Devices Inc. has announced a strategic collaboration with Pinpoint Science, a startup located in the San Francisco Bay area, to advance the development and manufacture of novel nanosensor diagnostics that aim to deliver highly accurate results in under a minute. Both companies will work together to develop the technology to transform the way infectious diseases are diagnosed globally.

Pinpoint's nanosensors, developed with the advanced fabrication capabilities of ADI, will target low-cost, handheld diagnostic devices and strive to provide results in under a minute with lab-level accuracy. The companies hope that infectious diseases, such as Covid-19 (coronavirus), can be detected by mass screening, which overcomes the limitations of forehead scanning and other current detection methods.

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"Analog Devices believes Pinpoint's novel nanosensor technology holds great promise for a wide range of applications, especially for rapid, low-cost pathogen detection, and we look forward to a long and fruitful collaboration with Pinpoint in bringing this breakthrough technology to market," said Nimrode Moreshet, Director of Emerging Business at Analog Devices, in a statement.

"We are thrilled to be working with Analog Devices to develop and manufacture our innovative nanosensor diagnostic platform," commented Lisa Diamond, CEO of Pinpoint Science. "Our collaboration with a world-class semiconductor manufacturer like ADI means we can begin to realize the potential of our groundbreaking technology. We see the immediate real-world need for our platform, especially with the pandemic threat posed by the novel coronavirus. Pinpoint's technology can uniquely address the problem of effective mass screening: sensitive enough to detect asymptomatic infections, specific enough to distinguish novel coronavirus from other illnesses, fast enough to replace fever scans, simple enough to use for home self-testing, and affordable enough to use anywhere in the world."