Researchers in South Korea have developed a high-resolution radar system that can detect subminiature drones from a distance of 3 km.

Implanted sensors wirelessly transmit muscle signals to prostheses, allowing patients to control them intuitively.

Elon Musk's Neuralink startup has already implanted electrodes in rats.

New sensors use the changing shape of nanowire combined with a piezoelectric material to produce enough energy to power the sensor.

OMRON’s B5W-LB series sensors enable reliable detection of product containers and packaging of many shapes and sizes.

Kaarta uses lidar sensors from Velodyne in its ground level Stencil 2-32 solution that it claims costs a fraction of competing solutions.

With the EU decision to back 5G, chipmakers Intel and Qualcomm are poised to benefit.

Conductive textiles can be incorporated into clothing, allowing multiple wearable sensors to be interconnected with a low power system that is reliable and…