Testing SiC Designs
Rohde and Schwarz

Demonstrating that silicon carbide (SiC) has equal or lower noise levels relative to silicon (Si) is a barrier to entry. SiC device and module manufacturers surveyed their customer base and found that over 40% consider see EMI-related noise as a primary hindrance to adoption. Download now.

4G LTE vs 5G : Dealing with 2G and 3G network sunsets

After several decades of service, 2G, launched in 1991, and 3G, launched in 2001, are on their way out. Their phaseout is forcing companies whose devices rely on these legacy technologies to migrate their solutions to newer, better ones.

With 4G LTE nearing its peak and 5G gaining momentum, dealing with 2G and 3G sunsets presents a dilemma, not only to businesses whose existing products are affected, but also to those with new IoT products in the pipeline: Should they design their solutions around 4G LTE technology, or should they skip 4G LTE and, instead, focus their development efforts on integrating 5G?

In this white paper, we offer guidance on how best to deal with the imminent 2G and 3G network sunsets at the dawn of the 5G era. We discuss: 

  • The when and where of 2G / 3G sunsets
  • Common misconceptions surrounding 4G LTE and 5G
  • Characteristics of 4G and 5G migration technologies 
  • Migration paths for common application requirements

Download the whitepaper now.

Vehicles Need Smart Memory Architectures with Execute-in-Place (XiP)

Planning for memory extensibility is essential for automotive embedded design. Smart vehicles need processors with smart memory architectures that support execute-in-place (XiP) from external Flash. Please have a read to learn how vehicles are becoming smart and what it means for memory architectures of the embedded system. Read here.

Benefits of Inert Gas for Printed Circuit Board Assembly Soldering Processes
Air Products

This paper highlights how nitrogen is used to produce an inert, reduced oxygen soldering atmosphere, eliminating the formation of solder oxides, enhancing wetting and improving soldering quality. This demonstrates how inert gas soldering reduces costs and increases productivity. Read more now.

How Wi-Fi 6 is Driving the Next Wave of Wireless Innovation
NXP Semiconductors

Wi-Fi celebrated its 21st birthday last year, and along with a great deal of success has also come some difficulties. These challenges continue to arise, in the form of trying to accommodate more devices, support new use cases, target new market verticals, and address new requirements brought about by huge, anticipated growth in wireless traffic and client adoption. Download now.