Fundamentals of an RF design
Rohde & Schwarz, USA, Inc.

This white paper covers the fundamentals of designing an RF communication system, including coverage on the transmission medium, wave propagation, free space path loss, transmit and receive portion, link design and other key components. The paper will also discuss the required test equipment and considerations during the design, development and verification processes. Download the full paper for more in-depth information. Download now.

Selecting the Right Hardware Architecture for IoT Tracking Solutions
u-blox AG

No single hardware architecture addresses the diverse IoT tracking market’s full spectrum of needs. This white paper offers guidance to select the technology solution that best meets your use case’s requirements.

  • The diverse needs of the IoT tracking market
  • How u‑blox cellular + GNSS combo modules differ from competing solutions
  • Why stand-alone GNSS solutions will continue to serve the most demanding applications
  • The right hardware architecture for your specific IoT tracking use case

Download whitepaper now.

Benefits of Inert Gas for Printed Circuit Board Assembly Soldering Processes
Air Products

This paper highlights how nitrogen is used to produce an inert, reduced oxygen soldering atmosphere, eliminating the formation of solder oxides, enhancing wetting and improving soldering quality. This demonstrates how inert gas soldering reduces costs and increases productivity. Read more now.

How Wi-Fi 6 is Driving the Next Wave of Wireless Innovation
NXP Semiconductors

Wi-Fi celebrated its 21st birthday last year, and along with a great deal of success has also come some difficulties. These challenges continue to arise, in the form of trying to accommodate more devices, support new use cases, target new market verticals, and address new requirements brought about by huge, anticipated growth in wireless traffic and client adoption. Download now.