Creating an Embedded Image Processing System

Our Zybo Z7 is one of the more popular FPGA Developer Boards in our arsenal, and rightfully so - it makes a robust single-board computer at a reasonable cost. Using it to power a video processing system isn't as hard as you might think. This white paper provides guidance for developing your own. Download now.

Introducing Cybersecurity
Sealevel Systems, Inc.

This is the rule of the data revolution: for every action to store, secure and use data, there is an equal or greater reaction to steal data. As data has migrated from documents to bioinformatics and digital histories, protection has moved from file cabinets to virtual storage spaces. Likewise, malicious parties have transitioned from physical break-ins to ransomware, DDoS attacks, botnets and other nefarious acts. This white paper covers:

  • History of Cybercrime
  • Types of Cyber Attacks
  • Cybersecurity Measures
  • Cybersecurity Trends

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