Cybersecurity and Secure Deployments with Simulation Technology
Wind River

Protecting critical systems from network-borne threats and preventing the deployment of infected systems are priorities for both government and industry. Wind River® provides technology that gives software developers and security engineers an advantage in combating threats. Download now

Practical Power Solutions For Wireless IoT Sensors

The vast majority of IoT sensors aim to be wireless to increase the amount of locations and applications they can be deployed into (i.e. hard-to-reach places). The following white paper walks through the limitations of the batteries and energy harvesters tasked to power the edge of IoT. Download Now.

Designing with miniature sensors
TE Connectivity

Prized for their small size and big capabilities, miniature sensors are making their way into everything from wearables and medical devices to factory automation. But they are not just tiny replicas of their bigger counterparts—these mighty workhorses require some special considerations in order to perform as intended in an application. This whitepaper examines three key issues for designing with miniature sensors that can sabotage a design, as even some practiced designers that forgot to take them into account learned the hard way.