New Whitepaper: Inside IoT’s earliest 5G use cases
Quectel Wireless Solutions

Quectel's latest white paper 'Inside IoT’s earliest 5G use cases' examines the advantages, barriers and applications of mobile’s fifth generation networks, and investigates which industries are pioneering this revolutionary technology in the IoT. The report also details how Quectel can support businesses seeking to adopt 5G for IoT.

Find out if your business should make the switch.

Designing with miniature sensors
TE Connectivity

Prized for their small size and big capabilities, miniature sensors are making their way into everything from wearables and medical devices to factory automation. But they are not just tiny replicas of their bigger counterparts—these mighty workhorses require some special considerations in order to perform as intended in an application. This whitepaper examines three key issues for designing with miniature sensors that can sabotage a design, as even some practiced designers that forgot to take them into account learned the hard way.