XetaWave Announces Release of Two New Products, XIO and XX, at DistribuTECH

BOULDER, CO – XetaWave announces the release of the XIO and XX, expanding upon its offering of innovative high performance radios. The XIO is a versatile, dual band IO solution based on the collaboration between XetaWave and OKC Products. It combines XetaWave's Xeta9m-T radio module with OKC Products Class 1 Division 1 Aeromate to offer an IO solution with the superior performance and reliability of XetaWave's innovative RF technology within one integrated, rugged device. Offering two analog inputs and two digital IOs, the XIO can be used across multiple industries for the monitoring of temperatures, pressures, levels, meters, pumps, valves and for process control applications. The XIO is sensor independent, allowing the user to select the best sensor for the application, supports Modbus, and is seamlessly integrated with XetaWave networks. The XIO is the only dual band IO solution available - operating in the MAS licensed 928-960 MHz band and ISM 902-928 MHz unlicensed band, thereby offering the highest level of flexibility and performance.

The XX ("Double XX") is XetaWave's newest 902-928 MHz offering, delivering up to 7Mbps and a whole new way of communicating within congested ISM bands. To the user, the XX looks like a single radio operating within a single antenna. Internally the XX has two independent data channels operating on two separate non-interfering frequencies. Each channel dynamically and transparently sends data. The XX supports point-to-point, point-to-multipoint applications and as a repeater. As with all XetaWave radios, the XX is a software defined radio that automatically optimizes parameters across three axes – power output, channel size, and modulation – allowing for data transfer rates from 115 kbps to 7 Mbps, power output from 10mW to 1W, and variable channel sizing from 250 kHz to 1.5 MHz. The XX selectively switches modulation schemes to ensure required throughput given available channel sizes and environmental noise. Based on its patent pending Dual Decode Digital Architecture, XetaWave's technology platform offers performance second to none in the commercial market today.

Web Site: http://www.xetawave.com