World's First Wi-Fi + Bluetooth Modules Offer Pin-Pin Compatibility with ZigBee and Thread

SANTA CLARA, CA -- CEL announces the preliminary release of its new WB4343 Wi-Fi + Bluetooth Mini Modules. As pin-compatible extensions to CEL's leading line of ZigBee, Thread and Bluetooth Smart products, these new devices allow designers to easily transition between multiple wireless networking standards via drop-in compatible module hardware. The use of swappable hardware provides significant 'technology agility' where users can quickly adapt to the volatile market trends in the IoT space. Regardless of which technology gains favor - be it ZigBee, Thread, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth - CEL's customers will be able to future-proof their hardware to account for evolving technology dominance. Customers can also maximize their market reach by simply swapping in different technology modules, creating market-specific SKUs from a single common design.

Based on the industry-leading BCM43438 IC from Broadcom, these new modules eliminate design risk and significantly reduce time-to-market for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Classic and Bluetooth Smart wireless solutions. The devices leverage the world-class WICED SDK toolset from Broadcom, further accelerating design time for customers looking to take advantage of the high data rate of Wi-Fi, to interface to legacy Bluetooth Classic devices already in the field, and to utilize the low power consumption of Bluetooth Smart. In addition to the BCM43438 IC, these devices also contain a second ARM-based microprocessor, creating a complete standalone solution.

The WB4343 series offers best-in-class wireless range, pairing CEL's industry-leading integrated antenna and RF design with the BCM43438's excellent Wi-Fi and Bluetooth output power levels of +18dBm and +8dBm, respectively. Each module is 100% RF tested and comes fully certified for FCC, IC, CE, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth compliance.

The addition of these modules facilitates new ways for CEL's customers to connect their products to a smartphone, tablet or any other Wi-Fi and Bluetooth device within the Connected Home, Lighting, Building Automation, Industrial, and other IoT markets.


Samples of CEL's WB4343 Mini Modules are available now. For more details, visit:

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