Wireless Mic Is Dedicated To Speech

Wireless Mic Is Dedicated To Speech

SpeechLine Digital Wireless is heralded as the world's first wireless digital microphone to be designed exclusively for speech applications. Optimally designed for the spoken word and public speaking, users do not require any audio know-how, enabling speakers to focus entirely on their speech. The microphone has an automatic-frequency-management feature that automatically searches for free frequencies on-site, thus eliminating the need for time-consuming frequency planning. Integrated audio-level management automatically adapts the system to the application scenario and the speaker. Additionally, network integration enables the system status to be remote controlled and monitored using a special app, i.e., “Wireless System Remote” (WSR), AMX, or Crestron. The system operates in the license-free 1.9-GHz frequency band and its advanced 256-bit AES encryption ensures maximum security. SpeechLine Digital Wireless is available as a handheld or Lavalier microphone or as a headset. All three sets include a mobile transmitter unit, battery, and a receiver station. For more info, visit http://en-us.sennheiser.com/microphones  

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