Wind River targets automation amid AI, 5G, edge evolutions

Wind River, the edge software firm that is among the initial partners for Nvidia’s AI-on-5G platform, unveiled the latest release of its Wind River Studio cloud-native software platform for the development, deployment, operations, and servicing of intelligent systems from edge devices all the way to the cloud. 

The software also addresses the need for seamless technology integration between far edge cloud computing, data analytics, security, 5G adoption, automation and AI and machine learning as companies in a variety of industries--automotive, aerospace and defense, telecommunications, medical--work with these technologies as part of broader IoT strategies and efforts to implement more intelligent and automated operations.

New features in the latest release include a customizable automation engine that integrates with commonly used automation tools, and helps teams building intelligent devices like airborne delivery drones, autonomous vehicles, and factory robots. 

The release also supports digital feedback loop, which helps unlock the value of data from the operating system, application, infrastructure, system or device to increase the ability to make improvements and rapidly address problems, the company said. Digital feedback loop in turn enables real-time analysis, reporting and alerting of infrastructure and application performance, as well as integration with back-end Big Data systems.

The new release also provides enhanced security and DevSecOps pipeline capabilities enabling modern software development deployable on Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.

“The next generation of cloud-connected intelligent systems requires the right software infrastructure to securely capture and process real-time machine data with digital feedback from a multitude of edge systems, enabling advanced automated and autonomous scenarios,” said Kevin Dallas, president and CEO, Wind River, in a statement. 

A company spokesman added via email, “Wind River Studio is especially relevant for companies building mission-critical intelligent systems where security, safety, and reliability are paramount. Wind River can help a variety of companies on different stages of their transformational journey (including those just starting the journey, and need help to flesh out their strategy or approach).”

Notable recent customers for the company’s software platform have included telecom and 5G operators Verizon and Vodafone. The new version of Wind River Studio is available now.

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