LAS VEGAS, NV -- Qualcomm announces that ZEROTECH and Tencent, the China internet giant ranked on BAT, jointly released the drone "YING" which is based on a Qualcomm platform. Qualcomm and Tencent are well known by Chinese and oversea friends because of the influence and brand reputation in the fields.

It is like anyone who knows smartphone knows Qualcomm; anyone who uses Wechat knows the fame of Tencent. However, what's the background of this ZEROTECH who keeps their low profile for so long time, and why is ZEROTECH capable of being selected as the partner by both Qualcomm and Tencent to launch into the drone market?

ZEROTECH, founded in 2007, is the world leader in professional drones, who has been accumulating experience for 8 years in this professional drone market. ZEROTECH owns core technology in flight controller with fixed wing, multi-copter, helicopter drones. The drone key technology is extended to gimbal, HD transmission system, computer vision, and obstacle avoidance, etc.

As far as consumption market in North America, consumers may be familiar with DJI; however, in China, for drone professional mapping and survey, aerial photography, ZEROTECH is the more popular brand for professional drones.

Qualcomm has consulted with many companies with hope to find a company who owns core technology and continuous innovation and development, as the partner launching into consumer market. After a lot of investigation, eventually Qualcomm confirmed the partnership with ZEROTECH who has deep qualification and solid technology in drone market.

ZEROTECH has released HIGHONE, professional aerial drone which became the first choice for most theatrical films and reality shows in CHINA. ZEROTECH also pushed out GEMINI, the first multi-redundancy safety flight controller system, and XPLORER which is the most popular one in consumer market.

Since 2015, ZEROTECH started to cooperate with Qualcomm in researching and developing the drone based on intelligent chips. On August 27, 2015, ZEROTECH successfully achieved the autonomous flight, and in September released the SMART Turnkey Solution. Fact is the drone that adopts intelligent technology of SMART Turnkey Solution can realize 4K video record, binocular visual camera depth data collection, optical flow and sonar position, FACE TRACK, gesture interaction, FOLLOW SNAP, automatic obstacle avoidance, etc. SMART Turnkey Solution added airborne transportation capability, which makes the drone become lighter, smaller, and smarter.

Tencent recognizes the ZEROTECH's technology accumulation in drones research and development, and portability of new products quick releasing the SMART Turnkey Solution, therefore, Tencent confirmed ZEROTECH, China veteran drone maker, as its partner launching into drone market.

For the event of ZEROTECH, Qualcomm, Tencent jointly releasing the drone YING, Jianjun Yang, Founder of ZEROTECH subscribes, ZEROTECH, a UAV manufacturer, has designed Ying, which is a small, lightweight drone that can be easily controlled right from your smartphone, leveraging the company's advanced software, the computational power of the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 801 processor, making it fun, safe to use and get great video seamlessly, streamed directly to your friends using QQ and Wechat. "As the industry's leading UAV manufacturer, we continue to bring a range of new research and development products to meet the needs and demands of our customers across various industries. We're excited to collaborate with two companies who are leaders in their space--Qualcomm Technology who has brought their mobile expertise to the consumer drone industry, and Tencent with their popular social networks, to bring a lightweight, highly integrated consumer drone that enables users to share their photos and videos instantly with their friends," said Jianjun Yang, Founder of ZEROTECH.

For more information, visit http://www.zerotech.com

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