VNA Test Cables Mitigate Phase Change Over 75,000 Flexure Cycles

VNA Test Cables Mitigate Phase Change Over 75,000 Flexure Cycles
Pasternak Enterprises Inc.

Pasternack's latest line of ruggedized phase stable VNA test cables operate up to 40 GHz depending on the series. Capable of withstanding the rigors of test lab use and production testing for 50Ω systems, the cables can safely handle up to 75,000 flex cycles. They are available with male or female SMA or Type-N connectors for cables operating to 18 GHz, 2.92-mm connectors for cables operating to 26.5 GHz, or 2.4-mm connectors for test cables performing up to 40 GHz. Torsion resistant connector heads are directly attached to stainless steel conduit style armoring providing a rugged design for up to 5,000 mating cycles with proper care. For more details and specs, go to

Pasternak Enterprises Inc.
Irvine, CA

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Company: Pasternak Enterprises Inc.
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