Vibration Energy Harvesting BOLT™ Power Cells

Vibration Energy Harvesting BOLT™ Power Cells
MicroGen Systems, Inc.

MicroGen Systems, Inc., Rochester, NY, announced vibration energy harvesting BOLT™ Power Cells enabled a live wireless sensor network (WSN) using Linear Technology’s (“Linear”) Dust Networks  LTC5800-IPM SmartMesh™ IP mote-on-chip.   The Linear mote was powered by MicroGen’s piezoelectric Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (piezo-MEMS) vibrational energy harvester or micro-power generator (MPG) technology.  MicroGen’s piezo-MEMS based micro-power AC generator, Power Cells (9 Volt battery form-factor) with 3.3 Volt DC output, and plug-in Energy Cells that use either an ultra-capacitor or a rechargeable battery (solid-state or Li-ion coin batteries available) for additional energy storage capacity.

The Linear WSN consisted of four (4) motes, and their WSN software for efficient power managed communication was used.  At a distance of  20-30 meters, the self-powered motes were enabled by electronic shakers set at typical industrial vibrations levels of 120 Hz and acceleration G-level 0.2 g (g = 9.8 m/s2) and comprised the first fully MEMS energy harvesting powered WSN completed by a commercial company.

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Company: MicroGen Systems, Inc.
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 585-214-2426

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