Ubisense Reveals New Angle on RFID

CAMBRIDGE, England -- An industry first, AngleID is a powerful sensor that offers 10 times the range of most passive systems. It detects ultra-wideband pulses from Ubisense tags to precisely determine the angle between the tag and sensor and locates the tag in up to five different 3D zones simultaneously, reporting entry and exit events to each zone.

Based on Ubisense's leading Smart Factory product, used by leading manufacturers around the world to improve quality and increase production flexibility, AngleID enables many more businesses to benefit from this advanced technology. With no complicated server or network infrastructure required, AngleID can simply be interfaced into existing PLCs or networks in less than 10 minutes by a user with no training required.

AngleID has hundreds of uses in many industries including manufacturing, logistics and transportation such as forklift and AGV tracking, dock door management or wireless tool management on production lines. Multiple devices can be controlled using a single AngleID and additional sensors can be networked for greater precision and flexibility.

For more information visit: http://www.ubisense.net

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