Tx/Rx Ka-band Phased Array Antennas Suit MSS/IOT Markets

Tx/Rx Ka-band Phased Array Antennas Suit MSS/IOT Markets

Communications company hiSky announces the successful measurement and testing of its Ka-band 8x8 antennas. Reportedly, the antennas are components of a small portable terminal that makes satellite calls and data available and affordable to people everywhere, all the time. The fully integrated phased array antennas include 64 active elements and frequency conversion. Their specified frequency range is 17.7 GHz to 20.2 GHz for the receiving antenna and 27.5 GHz to 30 GHz for the transmitting antenna. Angular coverage of the antennas is between 35° to 90° above the antenna plane in elevation, and 360° in azimuth. Both antennas support on the fly, left-hand and right-hand switchable circular polarization.

hiSky ltd.
Tel Aviv, Israel

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