TSN Standards Establish Vendor-Neutral Ecosystem, Enables IIoT/Industry 4.0

TSN Standards Establish Vendor-Neutral Ecosystem, Enables IIoT/Industry 4.0

Belden claims it has made significant advancements in bringing standardized real-time communication to industrial applications through time-sensitive networking (TSN). Including contributions to the IEEE 802.1 TSN standardization process, the company continues integrating emerging standards into its industrial networking equipment. With the ability to transmit regular data and time-critical control information simultaneously, TSN and the emerging standards offer guaranteed, specific timing for mission-critical and time-sensitive applications, interoperability across vendors to create a seamless ecosystem that can evolve, and flexibility for manufacturers to quickly adapt and leverage technology innovations. Overall, standardization forecasts interoperability between different vendors, scalability with future Ethernet speed increases, and investment security. For more information, visit http://www.belden.com/blog/industrialethernet/4-Important-Things-to-Know-about-IEEE-802-1-Time-Sensitive-Networking.cfm

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