Toshiba Quadruples Networking Capacity to 512 Nodes

IRVINE, CA -- Toshiba America Information Systems, Inc., Telecommunication Systems Division has expanded the networking capability to 512 nodes from 128 nodes for its IPedge® and Strata® CIX IP business communication systems, including mixed environments. This enables Toshiba customers to network more systems together for larger, distributed installations.

Benefits of Toshiba's networking solution include:
•Allows up to 512 nodes on a single network of IPedge and Strata CIX systems, including mixed environments that include both system types;
•Supports larger and growing organizations that need to network multiple locations and meet expanding capacity needs;
•Unifies geographically dispersed locations as one company-wide network with a seamless user and caller experience;
•Centralizes attendant, voice mail, SMDR, DSS/BLF and other services across all nodes;
•Automatically re-routes calls around network disruptions for maximum resiliency and continued communications; and
•Saves costs by voiding long-distance charges on calls among dispersed locations.

About IPedge and Strata CIX Business Communication Systems

Toshiba's award-winning IPedge delivers advanced capabilities on a secure Linux®-based VMware® server. One industry-standard server handles the call control, productivity and communications needs, including call processing, unified messaging, unified communications, mobility and centralized administration.

Strata CIX is Toshiba's award winning IP converged solution that enables users to mix-and-match digital and IP endpoints to suit their application. Strata CIX is compatible with Toshiba's IPedge Application Server.

Both IPedge and Strata CIX can be part of a cohesive network within Toshiba's Hybrid Cloud solution, along with Toshiba's VIPedge cloud-based unified communications service.

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