Tiny Sensors Thwart Thieves

Yet another Kickstarter launch, Pilot Labs is panning funds for its CoinGuard Internet of Things solution for personal home security. Essentially, the system involves placing small, coin-sized wireless sensors that detect movement and vibration on or in valuables around the home. If any unintended motion or displacement of said valuables occurs, the disturbance is transmitted to the owner’s smartphone or other web-enabled device.

According to its maker, CoinGuard is simple and easy to install. The wireless sensor relies on battery power, allowing them to be placed anywhere, like jewelry boxes, camera bags, drawers, etc. They can also attach to TVs, gaming consoles, or doors.

The sensors have a range up to 100 meters from the gateway and transmissions/receptions are not impeded by walls or ceilings. A single system can include up to 256 wireless sensors located in the home and outdoors in nearby yards, patios, garages, sheds, cars, etc.

Pilot Labs’ Kickstarter campaign will run for thirty days and delivery of production units is expected in December. The campaign can be found at: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1714029528/coinguard-simple-security-for-your-stuff

For more info about the iHomeware Home Automation system, go to http://www.pilot-lab.com/ihomeware/0/0.chtml

It sounds like a good idea, similar to installing RFID tags in one’s treasures and being able to track them even after they disappear from their resting place. ~MD

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