Thinaire Launches First BLE & NFC Cross-Platform Solution for Omni-Channel Brand Engagement on Mobile

NEW YORK, NY - Thinaire Transmedia Network, Inc. launched the first unified omni-channel mobile engagement marketing and sales solution allowing brands to engage consumers via nearly any mobile onramp to bring media, objects and spaces to life on consumers' most personal devices – their smartphones, tablets and connected devices. Thinaire's enterprise-grade Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) solution, Thinaire Spaces, makes the company the first to integrate management of BLE and near field communication (NFC) radio frequency (RF) technologies for consumer-facing brand marketing and commerce on mobile.

Thinaire's cloud-based NFC and BLE solutions allow brand marketers and retailers to generate new sales by enabling consumers to experience products and branded media in new, engaging and personalized ways on their smartphones, tablets and other RF-enabled devices. Fortune 500 companies and trend-setting retailers including adidas, Google Wallet, Unilever, Kraft, NBC Universal, P&G, SONY and Bon Ton are already experiencing the benefit of Thinaire's services – with more than one half million SKUs managed and programs available for activation in over 50,000 retail locations.

Introducing Thinaire Spaces: Broadcasting a Brand with BLE

Thinaire's BLE offering, Thinaire Spaces, is built on a cloud-based infrastructure and can be deployed or managed from any connected device. Thinaire® Spaces transforms locations – retail stores, venues, malls, resorts, airports or other physical spaces – into mobile engagement arenas where consumers can connect with brands and receive micro-location-based, contextually relevant interactive media and offers on their personal mobile devices.

"Marketers and retailers have a singular focus on driving their brands and businesses with our engagement solutions," said Thinaire CMO Patrick Meyer. "Our cross-platform product introduction is based on marketers' demand for both BLE and NFC to meet their emerging needs across retail, media, product and beyond."

Thinaire® is being showcased at the National Retail Federation's BIG Show this week at Verizon's booth location. To learn more about Thinaire's unified, omni-channel sales and marketing solutions, check out this video link or visit our website.

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