Testing High Counts Of Optical Short Links In Data Centers

QUEBEC CITY --- EXFO Inc. announces its newly released feature, Fast Short Link, is able to characterize high counts of optical short links five times faster than what was possible so far in the industry. Fast Short Link provides link characterization including accurate link loss, length and high-level link mapping, all under 10 seconds per fiber. Watch it in action here.

Fast Short Link is a new feature of EXFO's industry-leading iOLM software driving its line of OTDRs to optimal performance through automation and intelligent diagnostics. Fast Short Link is designed for applications such as data centers, FTTA, Enterprise LAN/WAN and for any other high count of short links.

To learn more:

Video: http://explore.exfo.com/video-fsl-responsive-page.html
Related features: http://www.exfo.com/solutions/fttx-access-networks/bu3-bu5-ftta-rrh-das-networks/loopback-test-method
Website: http://www.exfo.com

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