Tektronix Releases New 100G Link Training Tool for Debugging Datacenter Technologies

BEAVERTON, OR – Tektronix releases a new 100G link training tool for use with its DPO70000SX family of ultra-high performance oscilloscopes. This new option, along with expanded measurement support for 100G electrical debug and validation, addresses critical needs in the growing datacenter market. Featuring patented Asynchronous Time Interleaving (ATI) signal acquisition technology, the DPO70000SX platform offers industry-best signal fidelity and performance, making it the ideal tool for validating and troubleshooting high-speed Ethernet communications links.

Link training is a complex sequence of negotiations between transmitter and receiver to determine optimal transceiver settings. The new link training tool from Tektronix analyzes and displays the protocol, timing, and PHY signaling associated with the negotiation of 100Gb/sec links. This insight allows designers to verify the link training process and to quickly pinpoint problems when links fail to train.

Coupled with this new link training support, the Tektronix DPO70000SX also provides datacenter design teams with the ability to increase the capacity and precision of high speed data transfer through support for both NRZ and PAM4 signaling. The high-speed oscilloscope provides analysis of 28 & 56Gbaud PAM4 including built-in BER and automated standards compliance reporting for popular datacenter technologies like CAUI-4.

The Link training option announced today will be part of a broader firmware release on the DPO700000SX Series that includes support for customers performing Memory DIMM testing with the new P7700 TriMode™ Probes browser accessory (read blog for full details) and DDRA Analysis Software that has been updated for new high-speed DDR4 & LPDDR4/LPDDR4X memory standards.


The new Link training option (Option HSSLTA) is now available for ordering and be downloadable from tek.com with a license key in November 2016. For more information on the DPO70000SX and our support for datacenter technologies, please contact a Tektronix sales representative for details.

For more information, go to http://www.tek.com/datasheet/pam4-transmitter-analysis-datasheet

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