TE Connectivity Releases New Ethernet Pin-Out Recommendations

DARMSTADT, Germany – TE Connectivity releases Ethernet pin-out recommendations for its range of Industrial Mini I/O connectors. This will ensure equipment interoperability, while meeting the needs of Ethernet users.

First introduced in 2012, TE’s Industrial Mini I/O connectors are only one-quarter the size of the conventional RJ45 plug, giving design engineers the flexibility to use limited space on the PCB more effectively. Designed with two points of contact, this connector is built for the stringent demands of an industrial and high-vibration environment, enabling increased productivity through a more reliable connection.

Accidental unplugging of a network connection due to shock, vibration or pulling on cords causes expensive downtime in an industrial environment. To prevent this from happening, TE’s Industrial Mini I/O connector offers a unique locking system with 100N of pull force.

With its innovative piercing termination, the Industrial Mini I/O field-installable version decreases the time needed to terminate the wires through soldering. With an easy-to-use hand tool, field assembly in virtually any environment is now possible.

TE’s Industrial Mini I/O connector has two interface types (I and II). Both are standardized by IEC/PAS 61076-3-122 and help prevent cases of accidental mis-wiring. The connectors also support both 4-and 8-wire Industrial Ethernet at 10/100Mbps and 1Gbps. TE recommends the pin-out below (for 4- and 8-wire Ethernet) for both Type I and Type II Industrial Mini I/O connectors.

Following these pin-out recommendations will ensure equipment interoperability while using available equipment with Industrial Mini I/O interfaces. The IEC/PAS 61076-3-122 has the pin assignment for both Types I and II included as an integral part of this interface standard.

Furthermore, TE’s standard cable assembly portfolio and other future Mini I/O product extensions for Types I and II will support this pin-out recommendation for Ethernet communications. “The new IEC standardized pin-out recommendations will greatly help design engineers – who can now rely on interoperability of their systems with Industrial Mini I/O for Ethernet communications in a variety of industrial applications,” said Ruud Van den Brink , product manager, TE Industrial.

For more information and the pin out recommendations, go to http://www.te.com/commerce/DocumentDelivery

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