TE Connectivity Innovates the Fiber Distribution Hub for Next-Gen Networks

MINNEAPOLIS, MN -- TE Connectivity announces that it is showcasing the first of a new line of fiber distribution hubs featuring higher fiber counts, smaller footprint and improved mounting options at the 2015 FTTH Connect event in Anaheim, California. The new sealed fiber distribution hub (FDH) 4000 brings high-density fiber connectivity to a compact, weatherproof enclosure to meet increasingly restrictive permitting ordinances. Also on display will be the enhanced FDH 3000 solution, which offers twice the splitter density as its predecessor. These innovations make it easier and more cost-effective for network engineers to build critical fiber connections for delivering Gigabit access speeds.

FDH 4000 Reduces Space and Permit Challenges

The FDH 4000 serves to connect the feeder and distribution cables via optical splitters in the fiber to the home (FTTH) network. Designed in a small enclosure with industry-leading port density, the FDH features 144 distribution ports, 9 splitter ports and 72 pass-through ports. Environmentally sealed for protection from water and mud, the FDH 4000 can be installed in almost any location. When used as a below-grade solution, the FDH 4000 can reduce permit and labor challenges often encountered in above-ground installations. Its small, compact size overcomes space challenges in crowded hand holes and strands, and offers less visual impact to meet aesthetic or security requirements. Leveraging TE's proven hardened fiber optic splice closure (FOSC), the sealed FDH 4000 offers a robust, all-weather solution to help ensure network uptime in the harshest environments.

In addition, the FDH 4000 incorporates the same craft-friendly cable management features found in all legacy TE FDH solutions. All-front access means technicians can remain in one position while performing customer turn-ups and maintenance. The flexible, modular design of the FDH 4000 allows service providers to maximize fiber usage.

FDH 3000 Upgrade Doubles Splitter Capacity

The FDH 3000 enclosure now offers double the splitter capacity – up to 48 splitter slots – giving network engineers more options in deploying high-bandwidth services over FTTH networks. Additional splitter slots allow engineers to reduce split ratios or add CWDM and DWDM components to deliver even higher bandwidth services.

The FDH 3000 upgrades also include new mounting options – a bottom-entry cable design and side mounting brackets. These new features give service providers more flexibility for installing the FDH in pole and pad mount applications.

"Service providers are under pressure to deliver more bandwidth to their customers, but increasingly, regulatory restrictions are impeding their ability to do that," said Jaxon Lang, general manager and vice president of TE Broadband Network Solutions. "Our FDH 4000 and FDH 3000 solutions help solve these challenges by providing service providers with more high-capacity solutions in a smaller footprint. As a result, service providers are able to realize faster network construction and gain better cost control of their FTTH assets."

For more info, go to http://www.te.com

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