Smart Wireless Sensor Technology for Hydroponics from Swarm Technologies

Swarm Technologies LLC announces that the SmartBee™ product line is available for pre-orders for both grow store retailers and hobby growers through its website. The SmartBee™ product line is the first completely integrated wireless mesh networked controller and sensors designed specifically for the hydroponics market. There are two systems to choose from, with multiple sensor add-ons depending upon the size of the indoor garden or grow room. The SmartBee™ Environmental Base System and the SmartBee™ Environmental Premier System both deliver unmatched connectivity and ease-of-use for the hydroponics grower.

The SmartBee™ Environmental Premier System consists of the Hive Gateway™ that communicates and controls up to 65,000 sensors, the LTH (Light Temperature Humidity) + CO2 sensor and the Stinger Smart Power Strip™ 4 (4 individually controlled outlets). The Hive™ acts as the wireless gateway for the various SmartBee™ environmental sensors, power, HVAC and lighting controls. It is the nucleus of the system and the main portal for all communication between the wireless sensors, Internet and your iPad.

The SmartBee™ Environmental Base System has the same Hive Gateway™ and the SS4 Stinger Smart Power Strip with a LTH sensor.

All of the SmartBee™ devices are wirelessly connected via a mesh network to the growers' smart mobile device that empowers those devices with smart logic that can detect and resolve problems remotely. The system allows for the grower to configure set points that automatically send alerts for critical grow room events.

"The SmartBee™ system is the first totally wireless system that delivers the hydroponics grower complete wireless control of the grow room atmospheric conditions, with user inputted sensor thresholds that if exceeded, alert or take action as required, " said Skye Hanke, Chief Product Officer at Swarm Technologies. "All growers are seeking consistent growing conditions and more control. The SmartBee™ Hive Gateway™, its sensors and power control Smart Plugs collect and store data in real-time to help improve the next grow."

The SmartBee™ Base & Premier systems allow the grower real-time interactivity within the grow room, allowing for 24/7 remote monitoring, security of the crop and increasing the Return-On-Investment. "The SmartBee™ Environmental System is the most advanced wireless electronics for hydroponics available today." said Tom Blount, Hydroponics Consultant at Nevada Naturals. "We use the SmartBee™ system in our turnkey HydrogrowTec systems, and their products are made in the USA which is important to us."

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