Smart Antennas Boast PoE-Capable Reader

Smart Antennas Boast PoE-Capable Reader

View Technologies, in a joint venture with Stanley Black & Decker and RF Controls, unveils the Echo 300 and Echo 302 smart antennas for capturing real-time data for items incorporating RAIN RFID (Passive UHF) tags. Both antennas feature a high-performing reader capable of both Power over Ethernet (POE+) and ac power, enabling greater installation flexibility and cost-effectiveness with improved RFID performance. The Echo 300 is designed for wide-area, open and high-ceiling environments while the Echo 302 is designed for environments with lower ceilings. With the POE+ capability, the Echo smart antennas can be installed with a single cable for both power and network. The Echo smart antennas use the inView Software Platform, built to enable third-party applications to run efficiently and accurately. For more information, visit

View Technologies
Marietta, GA
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