SI2 Technologies Recognized as First Member of NextFlex

BILLERICA, MA -- SI2 Technologies (SI2), a Massachusetts-based RF and sensor systems company, has been recognized with an award as the first member of the latest Manufacturing Innovation Institute, NextFlex, which is focused on maturing flexible hybrid electronics (FHE) manufacturing.

The award was presented by NextFlex Executive Director, Malcolm Thompson, at the NextFlex Founders reception held in conjunction with the 2016FLEX Conference and Exhibition in Monterey, California. Flexible hybrid electronics (FHE) are new forms of electronics that integrate bulk integrated circuits and printed devices in flexible systems that can bend, fold, stretch and conform. The NextFlex institute will catalyze the development of a domestic ecosystem for manufacturing FHE through a Hub and a network of Nodes, including one located in Massachusetts.

About SI2 Technologies, Inc.

Founded in 2003 as a high-technology electronics company, SI2 is focused on the development and manufacture of custom RF and sensor systems. Examples include conformal antennas and phased arrays which support multiple functions including communications, navigation, reconnaissance and radar for space, weight and power constrained applications. Other product areas range from microwave absorbers to wearable human performance sensors. In addition to conventional manufacturing approaches, SI2 utilizes proprietary Direct Write (digital printing) manufacturing technologies to produce FlexHybrid electronic systems and structures… approaches to take a "dumb" structure and make it "smart" by integrating an electronic capability such as a sensor or antenna system.

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