Sensors Midwest: Keeping One Foot Ahead Of Big Data

One of the constants we hear about regarding the IoT and IIoT is the tsunami of data both will create. The biggest concerns are how important is this data, what to do with it, and who/what is qualified to analyze it and find some meaningful use for it. If at some point in time there are trillions of sensors deployed globally, the amount of data they generate will have more than the impact of a tidal wave in Bruce Willis movie.


But let not your hearted be daunted by the situation, there are solutions, answers that are easily found by attending an educational session titled “Riding the Wave of IIoT-Connected Sensor Data” at Sensors Midwest this coming October 16 to 17 in Rosemont, IL. On Tuesday October 16, 2018 from 3:00 pm to 3:50 pm, Vice President of IoT Diagnostics Jeremy Drury will show you how to stay ahead of Big Data.

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He says, “We know it's coming; and it's terrifying. It's called Big Data, and it will change the function of industrial operations and processes for the foreseeable future. Data-informed decision-making and IoT-based predictive maintenance is a strategic advantage, but have we already crossed the threshold of too much data? Will we find ourselves swimming upstream, wading through the flood of incoming data trends, alerts, alarms, reports, and diagnostics? How do we not capsize?”


Attend his session and you will learn how to stay ahead of Big Data with a strategic plan on what he refers to as "decision data." Discover how single critical data points can ripple out multiple-layers across the organization for KPIs. Experience a unique modality that welcomes IoT sensor buildouts but keeps you in control of the data analytics.


Jeremy Drury is Vice President of IoT Diagnostics and on a mission of “connecting prediction to production” with the industrial internet of things. Jeremy has been a featured and avid participant across multiple platforms, trade organizations, and was most recently included in the Sensors Expo IoT Ecosystem panel of expertise. He has spearheaded product development around the globe, solving complex operations problems with straight-forward, unique solutions. In order to reap the benefits of Mr. Drury’s expertise, you must do the two-step dance:

  1. Register for Sensors Expo Midwest
  2. Attend the session titled “Riding the Wave of IIoT-Connected Sensor Data


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