Sensoro Introduces Alpha Space BaseStation

SEATTLE, WA and BEIJING, CHINA --- Sensoro announced the Alpha Space BaseStation, the industry's first enterprise-grade ultra-long range and low power communication network system. The Alpha Space BaseStation will greatly bolster the industry's burgeoning efforts at large-scale beacon deployment, with wide-ranging IoT applications such as in city buildings, mass transportation, factory emissions, shopping centers, oilfields, ocean tables and more. The company also announced that it has just crossed their 300,000 beacons deployment milestone, making Sensoro the largest beacon provider worldwide.

The Alpha Space BaseStation enables users to create an IoT network at an unprecedented scale with minimal cost. A single base station can support up to 10,000 beacons. Capabilities and benefits in the Alpha Space BaseStation include:
•Low power consumption: made for ultra-low power sensors, power consumption of the terminal is only 10% of a traditional GPRS and 5.7% of a 3G/4G network.
•Easy installation: simple design built with consumer user experience in mind for easy install and use. It supports terminal battery duration for five years with regular AA batteries.
•Longer distance data transfer: capable of managing up to six miles of massive deployed beacons, as well as real-time indoor and outdoor monitoring without manual patrol. It increases the communication distance by 2,000% compared to Wi-Fi and ZigBee.

Sensoro's newest product supports the company's vision to enable beacons to serve the public good by keeping the systems that support modern life flowing smoothly. Sensoro is currently working with the Shanghai municipal government to install Alpha Space BaseStations to monitor air pollution and traffic conditions. Other practical applications include the monitoring of seafood storage containers at sea, under-ocean data transfer, carbon monoxide detection in pipelines, emissions at factories, warehouses, offices, mass transportation, shopping malls and more.

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