Sensity Systems Joins Panasonic's CityNow Initiative to Accelerate the Transformation of Smart Cities

DENVER, CO and SUNNYVALE, CA -- Panasonic Enterprise Solutions and Sensity Systems Inc. enter a strategic alliance based on their respective smart city platforms. Panasonic's CityNow Safe and Smart Streets platform is based on the company's experience in smart city planning and integration around the world. The first deployment of the integrated solution will be at Peña Station NEXT, a transit oriented development and sustainable community served by Denver's new light rail line. Peña Station NEXT leverages Panasonic's smart and sustainable technologies and expertise to provide seamless sensing, communications, and community engagement experiences for residents, businesses and visitors. Peña Station NEXT will include leading edge solutions for sustainability, energy management and resiliency, public safety, transportation, healthcare and other public services.

Today, approximately 50 percent of the world's population lives in urban environments. By 2050, an estimated 70 percent will live in these areas, putting cities under even greater pressure to modernize their private and public infrastructure and services. Sensity's Internet of Things (IoT) Platform is the latest addition to a growing portfolio of solutions that Panasonic is bringing to city and state governments, universities, corporations and sports and entertainment venues. By working with Sensity, Panasonic is building upon its position as a global leader of sustainable energy with high-efficiency LED lighting modules and solar energy generation, storage, and management, as well as in public safety with video capture, analytics and management solutions – key areas of focus for cities around the world.

Sensity's NetSense IoT Platform for Smart Cities leverages existing lighting infrastructure by embedding sensors, wireless connectivity and data analytics into LED luminaires to enable cloud-based applications and services for security and public safety, smart parking, retail services and environmental monitoring, among other initiatives. This instrumentation of the physical environment enables the Sensity solution to deliver capabilities that address the need for an increasingly intelligent, eco-conscious world.

Combining the Sensity platform with Panasonic's safe and smart street platform, including LED lighting and video analytics/management technologies, the companies are helping cities reach their greatest potential.

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