Semtech LoRa Wireless RF Technology Selected for Advantech's M2.COM Internet of Things Sensor Platform

CAMARILLO, CA -- Semtech Corporation announces that Advantech has chosen to use Semtech LoRa™ technology to enable long-range RF connectivity with the new standardized M2.COM sensor platform.

The M2.COM platform is a module that combines wireless technology, a microcontroller unit (MCU) and networking capability with a standardized interface for sensors. Integrated LoRa technology will allow for longer range, lower power communication and connectivity into the low power, wide area networks (LPWANs) being deployed by telecom companies and other network service providers internationally.

Advantech, ARM, Bosch Sensortec and Sensirion, among others, launched M2.COM earlier this year to create an open and standardized sensor platform to simplify and accelerate Internet of Things (IoT) sensor applications for makers and sensor manufacturers. Target applications for M2.COM include outdoor wireless sensors, wireless measuring instruments such as CO2 meters and PH meters, agriculture moisture sensors, sensing/tracking devices for supply chain/logistics, and intelligent wireless controllers that allow remote management for things such as street lighting, traffic signals and waste management.

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