Safety Sensor Portfolio Adds RFID Switches

Safety Sensor Portfolio Adds RFID Switches
Wieland Electric Inc.

Expanding the company’s sensorPRO contactless safety switch family are RFID-coded sensors that provide flexible protection against unauthorized access or manipulation for machine operators and equipment. The RFID-enabled STS Series safety switches are available in three coding options: unique, which exclusively accepts input signals from its factory-paired actuator; fully-coded, which can be programmed to accept input from a specific STS actuator; and coded, which can accept input from any STS actuator. The components can be employed as stand-alone safety switches or wired in series (cascaded) in sets of up to 30 sensors, while maintaining PLe / Category 4 safety ratings. They are capable of actuation in five different operator-definable directions of approach with actuating distances of 8 mm. The switches are also rated for IP69K (IP6K9K) protection for use in harsh environmental conditions including high pressure and high temperature wash-down applications. For more information, visit

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