RDA's 4G RF Power Amplifier Module RPM6741-21 Receives Certification from Qualcomm

BEIJING --- RDA Microelectronics (RDA) announces that its 4G RF power amplifier module RPM6741-21 had received certification from Qualcomm as well as the certification's highest Gold Level recommendation. RDA is the sole local Phase-II PA provider receiving the recommendation.

Due to increasingly strict performance requirements from the LTE terminal market, RDA launched the RTM791x+RPM674x Phase-II series RF front-end chipsets in mid-2016, and has since commenced volume shipping via platforms such as Spreadtrum, MediaTek and ZTE Microelectronics Technology. Achieving certification from Qualcomm and being able to start shipping to customers signals success in making RDA Phase-II series PA products across all key platforms. The product series delivers high performance at low cost and the superior experience that users have been waiting for.

As part of the RDA Phase-II series of products, the RPM6741-21 is compatible with LTE-FDD/TDD/WCDMA/TD-SCDMA/CDMA and meets the highest industry standards in terms of power consumption and spectral linearity requirements. The chipsets deliver excellent performance in extreme conditions, making it ideal for various complex application settings. Following comprehensive testing, Qualcomm has given the RPM6741-21 a Gold Level recommendation. RPM6741-21 is recommended for use in core platforms including Snapdragon620/600/400 as well as the NB-IOT-compatible MDM9206, which will become commercially available in early 2017.

For more info, go to http://www.spreadtrum.com

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